Celebration of Life

Many of our amazing benefactors know, how difficult it is for someone to traverse the MS journey on their own. It is imperative to have people surrounding you, who understand and support you. People who will extend a caring and loving hand. We can all strive to be “that special person“, who beyond their own lifetime, makes a difference in the lives of others.

We ask that you spend a few minutes thinking about these loving individuals. We honour and recognise their legacy pledge in our “Celebration of Life” book. It is an honour to celebrate our beloved benefactors. It is our tribute as they empower people living with MS, to live their best life.

Our MS Heroes become members of our MS Callistemon League. This is the special honorary giving society they join through their pledge. They are kind benefactors who have an impact to both the lives of those living with MS and to our own lives.

Their memory will live forever in our hearts.

To their families, we provide a space for you to remember and recognise their intentions, their life, their amazing legacy! This is just one small way of showing our eternal gratitude – to our amazing Benefactors!

We will be adding to this “Celebration of Life” book on an ongoing basis. We would love to feature your wonderful legacy story too if you are willing to share and inspire more people to consider this loving gift.

Together we can help fast-track a cure for MS and provide care until we’re there.

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Laura Henschke

Laura Henschke

Future Planning Manager


Rebecca Stalenberg

Rebecca Stalenberg

Gifts in Will Manager