Since my MS diagnosis in 2005, I’ve experienced numerous debilitating symptoms (including leg weakness, optic neuritis, nerve pain, sensory loss, bladder instability). In 2018, my fatigue and brain fog were so bad that I had no quality of life and was forced to resign from my job. Desperate to get my life back, I reluctantly changed my diet.
Within 3 months of clean eating, my symptoms had dramatically improved! With my background in research, I investigated how/why diet had such a huge impact on my health, and uncovered a critical link between diet and autoimmunity.
Armed with my new knowledge, my mission is to help fellow autoimmune sufferers dealing with fatigue/brain fog, to understand the importance of eating healthy and help them improve their quality of life, through diet and lifestyle changes.

I became a member with MSL in July 2005 just after I was first diagnosed. I went to my local MSL in Geelong, the day that I was diagnosed to receive support. The MSL representative was great and really helped me through those challenging first steps of understanding my “new life”. I’ve also been involved with MSL for several years doing volunteer Christmas gift wrapping which was a lovely way to give back to the community and help raise funds for MSL.

My dream is that every MS sufferer has access to information and supports to improve their diet and lifestyle, in order to improve their quality of life. Because we all deserve to live our best life!