MS joined our family when my sister Cathy was diagnosed with the condition in her early 30’s. It saddened and frustrated my father to watch the impact of the disease on her. This was especially true in the last few years of his life as her condition has become more active.
Cathy has lived the 25 plus years post diagnosis with the mindset of “MS does not define me”. She has raised two gorgeous young people, worked as a midwife and now in antenatal care. She has consistently sought out fun and adventure despite the limitations that the condition brings with it.
Fiercely independent, my sister was reluctant to accept too many financial offers over the years from Dad. She preferred him joining her adventures and spending time together to material contribution.
It is fitting that he has been able to contribute, if not directly to my sister, to an association that helps people like her, live the best possible life they can, with a disease that affects far too many people.