I have found the most important part of my journey with MS is having the full support of my wife, Its important your partner can be with you every step of the way as they are the ones you spend your most time with. Bearing that in mind as my wife has to take on more functions than before, I have to be considerate not to over burden her and wear her out. The NDIS has played an important role in assisting both of us in these areas such as domestic help, lawn mowing, Frozen meals and a driver to get me to the Neuro Moves gym twice a week, Attending the gym is vital in helping me to reach my goals of having a better life with MS by slowing down and stabilising the progression of my MS. I first became involved with MS Limited immediately after my confirmed diagnosis because I wanted to know what was out there that could help me with my future with MS. My hopes for people living with MS in the future are that 1) a cure is found soon. 2) all neurologists are kept up to date with information as to whats next after diagnosis so they arent in my case with PPMS given the diagnosis and told not much we can do for you and come back and see me in 6 months and 3) that everyone diagnosed with MS have partners, carers and peers around them to be able to support them throughout there journey with MS