Supporters like you

Supporters like you

Meet supporters who empower people with multiple sclerosis.

Meet Laura

I am sharing my story with you today because you also have a personal connection with MS. I want to share with you something that has given me great joy. It is something you might consider too. I have put Multiple Sclerosis Limited in my Will. And here’s why…
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Meet Rod

“An enduring love” – MS has so many unsung heroes, this is one such story.
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Meet Marjorie

Marjorie talks about her first husband’s diagnosis with MS in the 1960’s and the reasons why she has left a gift in her Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited.
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Meet Susan

Susan has always been known to be full of life, infectious laughter and joy for life. It did not take her long to evaluate how she could best face this new challenge, with the help of her family, friends and MS (Multiple Sclerosis Limited).
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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay feels a strong connection with people living with multiple sclerosis. Through his contact with Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL), he has learned much about the work MSL does. Read more ›

Meet Glenys

I want to share with you today because I was shaken by the possibility of my friend’s daughter being diagnosed with MS. Thus, I decided to do something positive about it. Read more ›

Meet Marilyn and Ken Collins

Ken and Marilyn’s legacy has been formalised via a gift in their Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited. As members of the “Callistemon League”, they are part of a most loving group of Benefactors who want to continue to support our mission and vision well into the future. Read more ›

Meet Wendy Oliver

Upon leaving home at 19, Wendy joined the Salvation Army as a Minister and later moved around Tasmania and Victoria doing social work before relocating to Brazil in 1980, as a Missionary, to continue helping others. Due to illness, Wendy returned to Australia in December 1989 and was diagnosed with MS in 2002.
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Meet Carly and Jason Burton

“In 1997 I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life, Carly. It was such a happy day. Little did we know then what challenges the next twenty years had in store for us. Read more ›

Remembering Margaretha Kuiper

Margaretha became interested in MS Limited when her daughter, Brenda, developed multiple sclerosis at 33. Margaretha felt “useless” about making the diagnosis easier. But she would come over to Brenda’s house to fold laundry and look after her grandchildren to help.

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Remembering Allan Collier

It was a gut-wrenching day for Allan, Margaret and their family. They just found out that Margaret had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Allan took on the role of primary carer, working around the clock to ensure Margaret was well cared for and could stay home for as long as possible.

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Remembering Judith Ann Carlson

For many years, Judith Ann (Judy) Carlson was “Miss Carlson” to the students at Mitcham High School, a co-ed public school in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs. Even after she passed away, Judy was still giving lessons — only this time in the school of generosity. She had left a gift in her Will to MS Limited because this cause had become personal.

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Remembering Maxwell Arthur Thomas Mawson

A farmer from southwest Victoria has left a generous gift in his Will to MS Ltd for research. A tribute to a niece who has the condition.

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Remembering Janis Salisbury

The MS community lost a good friend when philanthropist Janis Salisbury died in 2017. But the memory of her generous spirit and sparkling personality live on, thanks to a gift she left in her Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL).

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Remembering Jean Fraser

Jean never forgot those less fortunate. She always wanted to help those challenged by multiple sclerosis (MS). Jean believed people living with MS deserved to have access to care, support and advice.

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Remembering Agnes Wakefield

Verna Wakefield reflects on her mother, Agnes, “My mother, the salt of the earth, my light in this world. This first-hand experience of someone living with MS, whom she cared deeply about, led Mum to make a gift in her will. She saw a real need to help others lead better lives.”

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Remembering Betty Stewart

It was not the news that Betty was expecting. A beloved family member was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Betty immediately understood the journey for someone with MS would be extremely difficult. It was then that she was determined to do something about it.

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Remembering Ruth Leggett

Patricia, who is very proud of her sister’s actions tells us: “I’d like to share with you the story of my loving sister Ruth.

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Remembering Amanda O’Reilly

Amanda, Peter’s first wife, had multiple sclerosis (MS). She was someone who did not allow the disease to define or limit her life. Peter wants to tell Amanda’s story as a tribute to the person that she was.
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Remembering Margery Rix

“I am delighted to know that my special gift will make sure that people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis don’t have to face it alone.” Read more ›

Remembering Elena Canu

Born in September 1949, Elena Canu grew up in Northern NSW. A muchloved daughter to parents who had migrated from Sardinia, Italy, Elena enjoyed a very happy childhood spent outdoors. Read more ›