Supporters like you

Supporters like you

Meet supporters who empower people with multiple sclerosis.

Meet Marilyn and Ken Collins

Ken and Marilyn’s legacy has been formalised via a gift in their Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited. As members of the “Callistemon League”, they are part of a most loving group of Benefactors who want to continue to support our mission and vision well into the future. Read more ›

Remembering Margery Rix

“I am delighted to know that my special gift will make sure that people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis don’t have to face it alone.” Read more ›

Remembering Elena Canu

Born in September 1949, Elena Canu grew up in Northern NSW. A muchloved daughter to parents who had migrated from Sardinia, Italy, Elena enjoyed a very happy childhood spent outdoors. Read more ›

Meet Carly and Jason Burton

“In 1997 I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life, Carly. It was such a happy day. Little did we know then what challenges the next twenty years had in store for us. Read more ›