Amanda O’Reilly

Amanda, Peter’s first wife, had multiple sclerosis (MS). She was someone who did not allow the disease to define or limit her life. Peter wants to tell Amanda’s story as a tribute to the person that she was.

Amanda was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and since then, MS Limited has been close to his heart.

Peter O’Reilly was born in Nhill, Victoria where he grew up on a farm until the age of 10 until his family moved to Frankston, Victoria. His parents worked hard to give him an education and all the things he needed growing up. He later went to University to pursue a career in finance and continued to work in this industry for 40 years.

Peter always admired Amanda’s strength and willpower to minimise the effect MS had on her life.

“She fought the illness and was determined not to let it define her or limit her life.”

“I chose MS because it chose Amanda.”

There were some days however that the difficulties of MS would overcome her, making Peter aware of how unfair MS can be.

“Sometimes it did limit her, which caused immense frustration.”

Amanda died over a decade ago due to an unfortunate car accident. But knowing that life can’t always be predictable, Peter was motivated to was continue her legacy. Her determination inspired Peter to help others with multiple sclerosis to also live their lives with the assistance they need.

“I see it as a dedication to Amanda. There are so many fine causes which seek to improve the life of others. I choose MS, because it chose Amanda.”

Now retired, Peter volunteers at a regional hospital and enjoys spending his time with his wife, Margaret. They both live on a farm, which is home to many animals, some are pets, others are working animals. However, of all the animals he has owned past and present, it is a horse named Astro he regards so highly. Astro once belonged to his late wife, Amanda.

Peter’s decision to leave a gift in his will to MSL is something that gives him peace of mind that Amanda’s memory can live on.

“My wife Margaret is most understanding of this wish.”