Betty Stewart

It was not the news that Betty was expecting. A beloved family member was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Betty immediately understood the journey for someone with MS would be extremely difficult. It was then that she was determined to do something about it. She knew courage and determination and a helping hand would be critical.

The inspirational life story of Betty Stewart is not a short one. She died aged 99 after living her life to the fullest. Betty described herself as a “survivor in a star-spangled world.” Betty forged a trailblazer pathway for women in the Australian show business world.

Bert Newton described her “as a truly Australian treasure, who touched the lives of those who were lucky enough to know and love her.” Betty was raised by a caring, devoted mother who guided her through her early years. “Mother taught me that to achieve success in my life and career, I would have to work hard”. She credits her mother for her ambition and drive. This led to her many years in a successful career, working right up into her late 70s.

“She was born before her time” states Betty’s cousin, Barbara. Betty proved that nothing would get in the way of achieving her dreams. Starting off as a humble temp at 3AW Radio Station, she battled years of gender adversity. Yet she fulfilled her wildest dreams of having her own PR business. Betty became one of the first women in Australian show business to have her own company.

Over her lifetime, she worked with many world-renowned stars. The Trapp Family, Shirley Bassey, Jane Russel and most notably, The Beatles, were all her clients.

In 1992 Betty decided to retire so she could “smell the flowers” and enjoy the many years to come with her husband, Ray. During her retirement, Betty embarked on her memoirs, recounting her 60-year career. In 2000 Betty self-published her autobiography.

Barbara lovingly describes Betty as “a very caring and generous person.” Betty was very giving throughout her life and passionate about helping those in need. She knew how to survive against the odds. Betty wanted to help others, facing difficult challenges, do the same. MS became close to her heart when a beloved family member was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago. Betty’s gift in her Will gave her the opportunity to help people diagnosed with MS. She could also leave a testimony of her values.

“MS became close to her heart when a beloved family member was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago.”

Your Will says a lot about you. Would you like to help people with multiple sclerosis lead better lives like Betty did? Any gift, big or small can make the difference. Contact us for more information. You will find how easy it is and what a difference it can make in your life and in that of those living with MS.