Elena Canu

Born in September 1949, Elena Canu grew up in Northern NSW. A much loved daughter to parents who had migrated from Sardinia, Italy, Elena enjoyed a very happy childhood spent outdoors. As a young woman, she went on to build her career in the Australian television industry, which included roles as a film librarian, a studio director and a producer. Many of her colleagues will remember her as “Paddles”, a nickname Elena developed whilst working at Channel Nine, Sydney. This affection shown by her colleagues reflects the deep care Elena had for her friends and family throughout her life.

Elena was very grateful for the support she received from the MS organisation, having lived with multiple sclerosis for 30 years. She was long aware of multiple sclerosis, due to its prevalence in Sardinia where the existence of multiple sclerosis is significantly higher than in neighbouring Mediterranean regions.

“By leaving a gift in her Will to MS, Elena’s caring nature continues”

– her sisters Rina and Antonietta, and brothers Mario and Frank

When writing her Will, she found it very easy to help a cause that was so close to her heart. MS helped her greatly on her difficult journey with multiple sclerosis and she was very appreciative of the difference it made in her life. As a legacy she thoughtfully wanted to help others in the same caring way that she was helped.

Elena’s life was cut short, however she continues to live on via this loving legacy. This very generous gift will help fund crucial research and lead to better lives for those living with multiple sclerosis.

Elena knew that you don’t have to be super wealthy to leave a gift in your Will, and that nothing could be further from the truth. After taking care of family and friends, she understood how that one final gift, no matter how big or small, can make a difference.

Elena’s legacy will be inscribed in our MS Book of Remembrance. Today, Elena continues her life legacy and is standing together with those whose journey she well understood, ensuring they do not face multiple sclerosis alone.

Whatever the amount, we’re extremely grateful for any gift left to Multiple Sclerosis Limited. It will provide vital support so people living with multiple sclerosis can live the best life possible, while our search for a cure continues.