Marilyn and Ken Collins

Ken and Marilyn’s legacy has been formalised via a gift in their Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited. As members of the “Callistemon League”, they are part of a most loving group of Benefactors who want to continue to support our mission and vision well into the future. They do not want people facing multiple sclerosis alone, they will be there with them, every step of the way, while the search for a cure continues.

Whatever the amount, we’re extremely grateful for any gift left to Multiple Sclerosis Limited. It will provide vital support so people living with multiple sclerosis can live the best life possible.

Ken was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005. However, his symptoms had baffled the medical community for years (since his early 20’s, he thinks) and he was diagnosed with a variety of different medical conditions, including stroke. In 2005 he was referred to a neurologist and after many tests an MRI finally confirmed what was really confronting him.

Staying positive is the focus of Ken’s life as he faces his daily challenges (check his Facebook page: MS positives).

Being global, via the computer, Ken continues his involvement with the MS community. This is his life quest and life legacy: to continue to make people aware of what is multiple sclerosis, how it affects you and how you benefit from all the advancements that have happened in the last few years, maintaining a very positive attitude.

Ken was born in Goondiwindi, Queensland and moved to New Zealand to work and study. Here he learnt to fly and obtained his private pilot licence. Ken then realised that his real love was aircraft engineering and after qualifying for this came back to Australia and worked for Ansett. It was here, when in Dubbo, that he met Marilyn, the love of his life. They married and have been together for over 45 years. Marilyn, a former school teacher, lovingly and cheerfully cares for him as his life partner.

Ken’s ‘first life’, whilst he was still undiagnosed, involved being very active in his local community, including being President of the Jaycees and Probus Clubs.

He cares deeply for his fellow human beings, especially those affected by multiple sclerosis, and he wants to be there with them in their journey, helping them, even after his own lifetime.